The Beginning of a Vocation

Each one of us has been created by God’s infinite love, and because of this, we will only experience life to the fullest and find true happiness when we live in union with God. Being united to Jesus makes us happy, and by remaining in Him, we are able to find purpose and direction. In other words, by having a strong relationship with Jesus we find our vocation.

Prayer is where our relationship with Jesus unfolds and is strengthened. From this relationship flows our identity as God’s beloved sons and daughters, and this identity moves us into action. If there is no prayer, our identity will be weak and we will not know in what direction to point our lives. When it comes to discerning God’s will, there is one person who desperately wants to tell us God’s will in our lives: God Himself! We must seek Him in prayer and strengthen our relationship with Jesus there. All pressure or anxiety regarding the finding of one’s vocation disappears when one leads a life of prayer since it is there, in prayer, that Jesus pours out His love and manifests His will.

In a time when Pope Francis is challenging the whole Church to live out its missionary spirit, the Pope reminded a group of seminarians last year that the secret to the fruitfulness of a disciple of the Lord is to “let your heart be more closely united to Christ’s heart, full of mercy and love.” Without a constant relationship with Jesus, we lose direction, and the mission of the Church to preach the Gospel is lessened to mere activism and a human enterprise. Pope Francis is calling men willing to embrace simplicity of life, show solidarity with the poor and marginalized, and most especially, men who are prayerful with hearts seeking to be united to Jesus Christ.

God has created each one of us and calls us to do great things. In prayer He shows us each our unique call or vocation so that we may find fulfillment and happiness. We pray that God will send us many holy priests and religious women by opening the hearts of many to hear the call and to answer courageously.


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The beginnings of the Church in this area of coastal Georgia date back some four hundred years, long before Oglethorpe established himself at Frederica. From 1566-1742 Spanish missionaries labored, suffered, and were martyred in this locality for the cause of the faith. In 1791 the island of Jekyll was purchased by the du Bignon family. From time to time the head of this family arranged to have a visiting priest celebrate Mass for his family and his slaves.

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