In light of the Supreme Court decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which overturned its previous ruling on Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pa. v. Casey, the Diocese of Savannah maintains its commitment to protecting and preserving the life of every human being from the moment of conception to natural death.
The Supreme Court ruling, which returns decisions about abortion law back to state legislatures, will enable Georgia to enact pro-life laws and restrict abortion throughout the state. Currently, abortion is legal in Georgia up to 22 weeks from the last menstrual cycle. However, a 6-week “Heartbeat Bill,” which was previously blocked in a lower court, will now be ruled on by the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court of Appeals.
The Diocese advocates for the institution of the Heartbeat Bill and additional pro-life laws to protect the lives of unborn children and shield women from the tragic consequences of abortion.
“While we are encouraged by the Supreme Court’s decision overruling Roe and Casey, our commitment to building a culture of life continues,” said Most Reverend Stephen D. Parkes, Bishop of Savannah. God breathes beauty and life into every created being and as His stewards, it is our responsibility to respect, love and protect the sanctity of His creation, from the sick and the aged to the healthy and the unborn.”
As part of the Church’s commitment to protecting and preserving the sacredness of life, the Diocese continues its efforts in aiding and accompanying expectant mothers in South Georgia by offering them the resources, support and knowledge they need to choose life.
Any woman facing an unplanned pregnancy can come to the Catholic Church and we will give you the support you need to carry your baby to term regardless of your age, religious belief, nationality, or marital status,’ said Parkes. We will not abandon you or your baby after delivery, but will continue to walk with you through any challenges you may face. If you have had or have been affected by an abortion, we also offer services to help you heal.”
There are 22 pro-life pregnancy centers throughout the Diocese that provide resources and support to women in crisis and their unborn children. The Knights of Columbus, a global Catholic fraternal organization with state and local councils, has played a large role in equipping these pregnancy centers with ultrasound machines that enable women to view their unborn children. To date, they have donated 15 machines to multiple pro-life agencies throughout South Georgia.
The Diocese is also committed to supporting women who have chosen abortion through various programs such as “Rachel’s Vineyard,” a retreat offered two times a year for anyone affected by an abortion, including any woman, man, family member or friend. Project Rachel is another post-abortion healing ministry that provides an integrated network of services, including pastoral counseling, retreats and referrals to licensed mental health professionals for anyone involved in an abortion.
This past year, the Diocese launched a Spiritual Adoption program, which encourages parishes, schools and other communities to “spiritually adopt” a baby in danger of abortion. Participants pledge to pray the Prayer of Archbishop Fulton Sheen every day for nine months and receive information about their baby’s development in the womb, allowing them to follow the baby along the path to being born.
The Diocese demonstrates its commitment to the sanctity of life each year by honoring the Church’s “Respect Life Sunday” and participating in ‘Life Chain Sunday,” a national movement that brings people together to pray for the sanctity and preservation of life. The Diocese also participates in the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. and the Rosary Coast to Coast initiative.
To learn more about the Diocese’s efforts in protecting and preserving the life of every human, please visit https://diosav.org/life-is-sacred or click on the image above.
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Savannah, formed in 1850, serves 80,000 Catholics across 37,000 square miles in South Georgia. It is made up of 57 parishes and 29 missions, organized into seven deaneries. Most Reverend Stephen D. Parkes currently serves as the fifteenth Bishop of Savannah. Tlearmorepleasvisiwww.diosav.org.
Jill Parks, Director of Communication,
Diocese of Savannah

St. Francis Xavier is a parish in the Catholic Diocese of Savannah. The beginnings of the Church in this area of coastal Georgia date back some four hundred years, long before Oglethorpe established himself at Frederica.

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